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Welcome to Catch Trophy Fish!  The purpose of this website as its name implies is to help you catch large fish of any species more often.  We will offer you pictures, videos, stories, techniques and tips that will make your fishing trips more productive and fun. I don’t consider myself the expert on all things fishing, but with 50 years experience I have a lot to offer. Here’s what you can hope to achieve:

  • Catch more and bigger fish on a consistent basis.
  • Learn to use techniques that become second nature when you finally understand why they work.
  • See pictures and videos of huge beautiful fish and master the methods to catch them.
  • Discover how you can do all this within a short distance from home…wherever you live.
  • Acquire the knowledge of what tackle to use for certain fish depending on conditions.
  • Attain the expertise to catch trophy fish from shore if you don’t have a boat to use.
  • Experience the joy of appreciating nature and its beauty while reaping its bounty.
  • Grasp a new appreciation for the inner beauty that resides within you and all living creatures…by learning quiet patience and peaceful thought.

I will do my best to show you how to start catching bigger fish than you ever thought possible.

About the Author: John Kotuby is a grizzled veteran with over 50 years experience fishing both fresh and saltwater all along the East Coast, Great Lakes and Pacific Northwest. He specializes in bait fishing, but also likes trolling and spin casting when appropriate. Fly fishing is not his thing, but he can teach the most inexperienced angler how to catch big fish and love doing it. Visit his website which will contain more in-depth information, photos and videos.


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