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Big Trout on Lake Ontario

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We had  a Fabulous Day of Fishing on Lake Ontario Last Spring

Lake Ontario Trout

Spectacular Early Spring Morning

  It was a fantastic early spring morning that we set out to begin our fishing excursion.  The water had a light chop and was clear as gin. The scourge of large lakes, wind and thunderstorms, were nowhere in sight. We were looking forward to a fine day of Lake Ontario trophy trout fishing. There were 4 of us, plus the Captain and Mate on the boat that day. Aboard were the 3 Amigos (Mike, Johnny Q., Tommy) and myself enjoying a 3-day fishing trip away from the madness of work and everyday humdrum life.

This trip will illustrate one of the techniques used to fool trophy size Trout in clear northern lake water. Although we were stalking big Brown and Rainbow trout up to 16 pounds, we were using almost invisible clear 6-lb test fluorocarbon leaders. Of course we were taking a chance on a large fish breaking the line, but we were also raising the odds that we would actually hook some big fish. Even in an enormous lake like Ontario, the trophy fish get very smart and wary. They will turn away at any presentation that doesn’t look natural. While heavier line might make it easier to land a fish, we were more intent on quality over quantity.

The technique paid off in a big way! While other boats were having trouble catching anything (the Captains stay in radio contact) we were slammin’ the fish. We took turns at who was next to grab a downrigger or planer-board rod as it was struck by a fish. It was up to each of us to watch intently until a rod tip flew up, pull the rod  carefully out of the holder and play the fish to the boat. With only light leader we had to rely on the proper drag setting of the reel to allow the fish to run until we could pump it toward the boat. What fun we had that day!

Here is a picture of Mike with a beautiful Rainbow trout that hit early on in the day.

Mikes Ontario Rainbow

Mike Holding his Monster Rainbow Trout

Everyone caught their share of fish that day. As the day became hotter and sunny we let the downriggers lower to 15 feet. Early in the morning we had been trolling in only 10 feet of water and just 6 feet under the surface. As the sun gets higher in the sky the fish tend to go deeper. Hoever, since it was early spring the big fish would remain relatively close to shore all day long. Toward early afternoon I lucked into a perfect fat 16 pound Brown trout that put up a glorious fight.

John's Fat 16 Pound Brown Trout

John's Fat 16 Pound Brown Trout

Needless to say it was one of the best early spring days weve ever had on the water. We set back toward shore with smiles on our faces, a good beer buzz, and hearty appetites which we dealt with at a local Italian restaurant. The memories of that day will stay with us forever. Of course we were also looking forward to Summer fishing when the big Salmon would rule!  But that’s another story.

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