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15.2 lb Trout! – Fishing for Trout and Salmon – Trolling

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If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Caught 15.2 lb lake trout and even nice-size salmon! An awesome day on the water. To learn more about the Viper Spoon, watch this video Watch this short trolling for trout video where we tell you where we were fishing, how we were fishing, and what we were using to catch those dandy lake trout and salmon!

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25 Responses to “15.2 lb Trout! – Fishing for Trout and Salmon – Trolling”

  1. thundermistlures says:

    Thanks! good fishing!

  2. dylan0921 says:

    that was a nice salmon…and trout!

  3. thundermistlures says:

    Thanks, we really like it. Good fishing!

  4. Scar246 says:

    Nice outboard engine!

  5. thundermistlures says:

    @cleemeyer1 Thanks for writing in & sharing this…we bug Paul all the time about his net job…guess he was nervous being on camera?

    Anyhow, glad you enjoyed the video & until next time – good luck & good fishing.

  6. cleemeyer1 says:

    nice net job… not

  7. gasmaster01 says:

    @dalepoulette some curious brain scans

  8. thundermistlures says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts & good fishing!

  9. dalepoulette says:

    just wanna say NICE VIDEO!, and to all the animanl lovers, and cry babys, fish is food, dont matter how you catch it or kill it, its gonna die and be used for one thing, to eat or feed someone.

  10. dalepoulette says:

    @HerosRequiem fish feel no pain? how would you know.

  11. thundermistlures says:

    @darkmossie633 Thanks to writing to us – it’s nice to hear from fellow anglers in the UK.

    In this episode, the salmon made its way into the aerated live well & the lake trout was released.

    Thanks for explaining that “priest” in the UK means a solid metal head (used for clubbing fish). Until next time, good luck and good fishing.

  12. HerosRequiem says:

    Fish feel no pain while receiving a lack of oxygen. They are unaware that they are dying and go quietly into that good night.

    However when you club them they are hit with a horrific shock of pain.

    Experiments done by William Tavolga provide evidence that fish have pain and fear responses. For instance, in Tavolgas experiments, toadfish grunted when electrically shocked and over time they came to grunt at the mere sight of an electrode.


  13. darkmossie633 says:

    wel folks, u just witnessed a couple of dudes, who have the boat, the gear everything
    -but fishing manners-which it should be about-none
    UK fisherman

  14. darkmossie633 says:

    didnt look like it
    “priest” means a solid metal head
    which you put the fish out of its misery with-instead of throwin it into ice-box to
    suffocate to death

  15. darkmossie633 says:

    do you “priest” the fish you caught?

  16. thundermistlures says:

    @tubesystring44 Glad you enjoyed the video & you are right about the net.

    Seems we use that small bass net for everything.

    Thanks for taking time to write to us & good luck on the water!

  17. tubesystring44 says:

    nice job, get a bigger net before u lose it tho XD

  18. thundermistlures says:

    Thanks for your comment. E comme sempre, buona pesca a lei!

  19. LITTORIA83 says:

    Dear Mr. thundermistlures, good fishing here in Italy do not say, because for us fishermen is a superstitious thing, but they say in the ass to the whale. :-) . So I make – well, a dolphin in the ass to you – ciaooooo :-) )))

  20. thundermistlures says:

    @LITTORIA83 Glad you enjoyed the video – thanks for taking time to write to us & good fishing.

  21. LITTORIA83 says:

    What moststro! is beautiful. Fish this fish is fantastic.

  22. thundermistlures says:

    @WyomingFish Thanks for writing in & we will be sure to check out your videos!

    Good fishing.

  23. WyomingFish says:

    Those are some big spoons! nice fishing man! Take a look at my videos if you ever get a chance.

  24. thundermistlures says:

    @BassAnglerMike33 Yes, light spinning gear would be a great way to have some fun!

    Thanks for writing in & good luck on the water!

  25. thundermistlures says:

    @TROUTfishin101 Glad you enjoyed the video – we had an awesome day on the water and a lot of fun.

    Thanks for taking time to write to us – good luck & good fishing!

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